Tell Yourself EP

by Chris Ward

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The Tell Yourself EP is the third mini-album by Chris Ward. It consists of four tracks entitled 'Tell Yourself', 'Give Me A Sign', 'When All Else Fails' and 'Downward Spiral'.

These four songs were compiled on this EP because they are all themed around life choices and the consequences that follow them. In 'Tell Yourself', a man is questioning himself about his life and wonders if he'll ever get what he really wants; in 'Give Me A Sign', a priest is asking God to guide his life by asking for help in the form of a sign; in 'When All Else Fails', the story of someone's life is told from fate's perspective as if it were a person telling them that their destiny is inevitable; and in 'Downward Spiral', the life of an everyday person unfolds as they sink further and further into depression, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Special thanks go to Robert Ward and Jake Ryder for their assistance with the lyrics and drums respectively; to Gavin Brady for all his help in the studio; and finally to Kurtis Clarke for his work on the album artwork.


released May 10, 2013

All tracks written and performed by Chris Ward.
Additional lyrics on tracks 1, 2 & 4 by Robert Ward.
Drums performed by Jake Ryder (Black Grape).
Recorded and Mixed by Gavin Brady.
Original artwork by Kurtis Clarke.
Artwork postproduction by Chris Ward & Kurtis Clarke.



all rights reserved


Chris Ward Manchester, UK

Chris Ward is a heavy metal guitarist, bassist and songwriter. His main influences are Megadeth and Black Sabbath.

To date he has released three solo EPs and one compilation album which are all available on CDBaby, Bandcamp and iTunes.
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Track Name: Tell Yourself
Verse 1
You want that job but you don’t know how to get it
Tell yourself that you won’t regret it
You take the easy option just to get by

You want that girl but you don’t know how to get ‘er
Tell yourself that you can do better
You make excuses rather than try

The greatest risk in life is never takin’ one at all
The only bad decisions are those you do not make
The greatest risk in life is never livin’ at all
The only rules you need are the ones you’re meant to break

Verse 2
You want those friends but you don’t know how to get ‘em
Tell yourself that you don’t really need ‘em
You’re just a fool livin’ a lie

You want it all and you know you can do it
Tell yourself that you’re gonna get through it
You can have the things money can’t buy

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Give Me A Sign
Verse 1
Watching and waiting but always mistaking
The signs for the things that I feel
Hearing the voices and making bad choices
Tell me that this isn’t real
Righting the wrongs and then speaking in tongues
Please don’t deny what I see
Choosing a path so I don’t feel your wrath
Next time you’re coming for me

Show me the way, show me the light
Let me know what I can do
Show me the way, show me the light
Let me know what I must do

Are you listening? I need help!
Can you give me a sign?

Verse 2
Plotting and scheming but I’m always dreaming
Of ways to get all that I crave
Sneaking around without making a sound
And hiding when I should be brave
I know at a glance that I should take a chance
Instead of the easy selection
To follow my fate rather than wait
To find my one true direction

Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus

Verse 3
Ranting and raving and never behaving
The way that they say that I should
I’m always learning I never stop yearning
For answers so I can be good
But am I mistaken it seems I’m forsaken
Punished for being out of line
How long must I wait to learn of my fate
Lord can you give me a sign?

Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus
Track Name: When All Else Fails
Verse 1
You’re seeking a solution in the dark of the night
Hopelessly searching for a path to the light
You’re looking for a way to shift the blame
But you already know that fate has no name

Bridge (Pre-Chorus)
Wicked, evil, schemer
Twisted, liar, deceiver
Two-faced, blinded, dreamer
Faithful, eternal, believer

Verse 2
You’re hoping that the answer will present itself
Staring at the skies for the good of your health
You’re dreaming of a way to change the rules
But you already know that luck is for fools

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Chorus 1
When all else fails, you’ll believe in me
Might take some time, but you will see
One of these days, your luck will run out
And then you'll know, what karma is about

Verse 3
I’m waiting in the shadows ‘til it’s my time to fight
Dazed and confused you don’t know what’s right
I’m everywhere you look but cannot be seen
And now your number’s up if you know what I mean

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Chorus 2
When all else fails, you’ll believe in me
Might take some time, but you will see
One of these days, your luck will run out
And then you'll know, what karma is about

Chorus 3 (Alternate)
One day soon, your luck will change
And then you'll know, that fate takes the stage
Might take some time, but soon you will see
When all else fails, ha, you’ll come back to me
Track Name: Downward Spiral
Verse 1
Got no money, can’t get a honey
Hiding away on the shelf
Feeling viral, downward spiral
Not trying to help myself
Ain’t got no uses, making excuses
For my situation
Blame my mother, blame another
For my degradation

Verse 2
Feeling bleary, eyes are weary
Need more alcohol
Effects are brief, short lived relief
Don’t satisfy me at all
Need something stronger, needs to last longer
Need an extra dimension
Crack or a pill, need that thrill
Need some added attention

Control got away from me (no second chances)
I left it too late for me (to come to my senses)
Time ran away from me (no second chances)
Life would not wait for me (to come to my senses)

Verse 3
It’s taking its toll, I’m out of control
Got nowhere to turn
Back is breaking, heart is racing
And I’m ready to burn
I’m looking gaunt, the street kids taunt
Mocking my very existence
no chance of revival, game of survival
Finally got no resistance

Verse 4
Hospital bed, am I dead?
Is this some kind of nightmare?
What am I hearing? Are they sneering?
Do they even care?
On life support, a bad report
Bring on the undertaker
I’ve had it rough, I’ve had enough
It’s time to meet my maker