Souls For Trade EP

by Chris Ward

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paul rote Am I the only bandcamper who likes this ?either this guy sucks and I'm an idiot OR this guy's a genious and needs to take his place in history along side cirith ungol ,Manilla road, and Joe Step,any one ever hear of Joe Step? Favorite track: Best Served Cold.


The Souls For Trade EP is the debut mini-album of Chris Ward. It consists of four tracks entitled 'Souls For Trade', 'Temptress', 'Best Served Cold' and 'Leeches On Society'.

These four songs were compiled on this EP because they share a common theme in that they are all about trading souls in some form or another; whether it be in exchange for faith, love, trust, or greed.

Special thanks go to Robert Ward and Darren Pugh for their assistance with the lyrics and drums respectively; to Gavin Brady for all his help in the studio; and finally to Mathew Collinge and Kenneth James for their work on the single and album artwork.

I would also like to thank anyone else who has ever helped or supported me or my know who you are.

Cheers guys!


released December 29, 2010

All tracks written and performed by Chris Ward.
Additional lyrics on tracks 2 & 4 by Robert Ward.
Drums performed by Darren Pugh (Aliases).
Recorded and Mixed by Gavin Brady.
Original artwork by Mathew Collinge.
Artwork postproduction by Kenneth James.



all rights reserved


Chris Ward Manchester, UK

Chris Ward is a heavy metal guitarist, bassist and songwriter. His main influences are Megadeth and Black Sabbath.

To date he has released three solo EPs and one compilation album which are all available on CDBaby, Bandcamp and iTunes.
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Track Name: Souls For Trade
Verse 1
Killing in the name of God
They say don’t have anything to lose
But what they don’t understand
Is that their fate in war is one they can’t choose
So they carry on battling the hordes
Unable to perceive the lie
'Cause whilst they’re busy fighting His war
They don’t believe He’ll let them die

Marching off to another battle
Fighting for a holy doctrine
Choosing sides based on blind faith
A power they've never seen
Holding off the enemy warriors
Sword and shield keep the heathens at bay
Getting killed with no salvation
They're just souls for trade

Verse 2
Dying for a broken promise
They know that they have been betrayed
But they realise all too late
At home is where they should have stayed
So their destiny is not important
It only matters that they live for today
'Cause if they wake up tomorrow
They’ll only die in vain anyway

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Temptress
Verse 1
Of all the creatures I have seen
A temptress found on Halloween
Beauty of an angel’s daughter
She led sane men to the slaughter
Of all the creatures I have seen
She surely was the dark lord’s queen
Had no resistance she took control
She stole my heart and took my soul

She took it, she stole it
I hated the day
She learned me, she turned me
And now it’s okay
She took it, she stole it
Then showed me her way
She learned me, she turned me
And now I’m here to stay

Verse 2
Felt the frenzy felt the fear
Evil temptress draw me near
Can’t react but can’t complain
Eternity it’s in my veins
Felt the frenzy felt the fear
Sexy hot breath in my ear
Can’t react but can’t complain
She drained my body I’m going insane

Verse 3
Now I’m a creature in her scene
She is my bride of Halloween
At her side when she takes flight
Together we will rule the night
Now I’m a creature in her scene
I’m not the man I could have been
No longer bound by mortal laws
Just a disciple to her cause

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Best Served Cold
Verse 1
Why did you do this? Why did you lie?
And why does it always have to be this way?
Why didn’t you tell me? Was it something I said?
Why didn’t I see it? Now what can I do?
So all this time, you wanted him not me
Was he your lover? You went behind my back
But not any longer, I see past it all!
I’ll get my own back, he dies today!

They say that its eye for an eye
And that vengeance is always sweet
So don’t try to change my mind
I’ll kill you the next time we meet

They say don’t get mad get even
Or so that’s what I’ve been told
So don’t say I didn’t warn you
That revenge is a dish best served cold

Verse 2
Why did you do this? Please tell me why?
And why do you always make it happen this way?
Why didn’t you tell me? Tell me that you cared
I’ve always loved you, and I always will
So all this time, how was I to know?
He was your brother, you weren’t cheating at all
But not any longer, I see past this madness!
No more chances, this is goodbye!

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Why did I do it? Why did I kill them?
And why must I suffer? What is wrong with me?
Why didn’t I listen? She was trying to help
And now I’m alone, and they’re both dead
So all along, It was me not them
They weren’t to blame, it was all my fault
But it matters not, I’ll right my sins!
With a gun to my head, I’ll end this thing!
Track Name: Leeches On Society
Verse 1
Voted in by the brainwashed masses
Giving out orders for oil of course
Not doing much just sat on their asses
Lining their pockets with no remorse
Cash for questions they’ll make us pay
Lying to us clever use of spin
Golden pensions nothing we can say
Free trips for favours for every sin

World Powers living a lie, a national conspiracy
They will suck us dry, the leeches on society!
World Powers living a lie, a national conspiracy
They will suck us dry, the leeches on society!

Verse 2
Change the rules and break the law
Politicians knee deep in lies
Making money while we’re at war
Their opposition is euthanised
Moral high ground ain’t no such thing
Our budget falls through fingers like sand
Bankruptcy they will bring
With a bank account in Switzerland

Repeat Chorus

And now! Ask yourself!
Where does the truth...really begin?

Verse 3
So this is it we make a stand
And they step down like noblemen
But the government has the upper hand
And only next week they’ll be back again
Photo ops make them look good
While they dig deep snouts in the trough
We’ll bring ‘em down you know we should
It’s time for action we’ve had enough

Repeat Chorus