Last Man Standing [Single]

by Chris Ward



The 'Last Man Standing' [Single] contains two tracks - 'Last Man Standing' and a b-side called 'Redeemer And Destroyer'. Both tracks are also featured on the Metal Is Metal! EP along with two additional tracks entitled 'Metal Is Metal!' and 'Lethal Devotion'.


released November 24, 2011

All tracks written and performed by Chris Ward.
Drums performed by Darren Pugh (Aliases).
Recorded and Mixed by Gavin Brady.
Original artwork by Mathew Collinge.
Artwork postproduction by Kenneth James.



all rights reserved


Chris Ward Manchester, UK

Chris Ward is a heavy metal guitarist, bassist and songwriter. His main influences are Megadeth and Black Sabbath.

To date he has released three solo EPs and one compilation album which are all available on CDBaby, Bandcamp and iTunes.
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Track Name: Last Man Standing
Verse 1
I’m lost again, alone
No chance of rescue
I’m in trouble, no hope
Nowhere to run to
Why do I always
Have to see such pain?
And why am I always
The only option?

I’m waiting for the day
When I can rest in peace
I’m searching for some way
To put an end to the killing
I’m hoping that some time
I’ll finally get released
But 'til then I’ll keep fighting
I am the last man standing

Verse 2
I’m left behind, abandoned
No second chances
I’m in danger, no friends
No reinforcements
Why do I always
Have to fight alone?
And why am I always
The lone survivor?

Verse 3
I’m saved at last, I’m rescued
From the battlefield
I’m in luck, my hardship
Is over now
But why do I always
Have to be the last?
And why am I always
The only one rescued?

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Redeemer And Destroyer
Verse 1
Started by the Sarafan
To rid Nosgoth of vampires
A holy war vengeance for
The murder of a tyrant king
Corrupted by this genocide
Was a warrior called Raziel
But for his faith he was killed
Another martyr to their cause

Redeemer, destroyer!
Angel of Death
Pawn or messiah!
Agent of free will
Redeemer, destroyer!
Reaver of Souls
Pawn or messiah!
A paradox in time

Verse 2
Many years passed him by
While he lay inside a crypt
Until one day a vampire came
And shared with him the thirst for blood
And so he lived in servitude
Serving Kain for millennia
Then things changed Raziel evolved
And was thrown into the Abyss

Bridge 1
Tumbling, burning, with white hot fire
Drowning, plunging, into the depths
Unspeakable pain and agony, time ceased to exist
Torture and hatred, for what damned him to this hell

Bridge 2
An eternity passed, and torment receded
Bringing him back from madness
Within the abyss, descent had destroyed him
And yet, he lived.

Verse 3
No longer man or vampire
Simply just a wraith reborn
Bounded by the Elder God
Consuming souls just to survive
Sent to hunt; his former brethren
And bring them to justice
To seek revenge by killing Kain
And fulfil his destiny

Repeat Chorus